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Attention WINE LOVERS!

Get yours for the holidays!!!! These are made with you specifically in mind. Whether you are bringing wine to a get-together or presenting as a gift, deliver it in a unique quilted wine tote! No 2 will ever be the same. Perfect for gifts for any holiday, Birthday, or just because!!! They are heavy duty and entirely washable. (WINE NOT INCLUDED) Geez, I know , right?!?!?! lol I am so excited that these are coming. They do take time to make and I love to explore color and pattern combinations. So it may be a few weeks until I get enough made! But you are totally welcome to pre-order! Just click "Shop now" below or "Contact Us" at the above link to email me! Don't forget to opt in on the mailing list and I will be sure to let you know the moment they go live!

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