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For Those who Serve....

Being from a large military family that encompasses every single branch of the Military, I can only say how much in awe of my Uncles, Cousins, Nephews I am. The pride, and love of our country, is not in question. These brave Men and Women work and fight for our country, and as individuals strive to be the best they can be, to serve and protect. For this reason I have started to make Military quilts. For all 4 branches. (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force) Each quilt is hand made. NO two will entirely be alike and they are not mass produced. I also decided to include personalized Name, rank, etc for those who would like to present these to others or for memorial. This personalization is not done by computer but entirely by hand on my sewing machine. People are falling in love with them. I have received hugs, praise and tears when presenting the finished works. Because of the demand they will be made upon ordering and can take several days or a few weeks. I am so proud to be able to create these for loved ones and families.

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